The experienced team at Mackay Builders has been helping homeowners in the southeastern Wisconsin area since 1999 with their custom building and remodeling needs. We work with you from start to finish on your project by providing options for you to bring in plans from an architect or use our in-house home designers. If you are looking to work with one company to streamline the process of your custom home build or home renovation then using our in-house designers is an easy choice.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality!

At Mackay Builders, our team pairs an old-school work ethic with the most up-to-date technology and industry trends to make our customers’ dream homes a reality. Whether you want to do a complete custom-built home or a home renovation like adding an addition, finishing your basement, or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we have you covered. Rest assured that you can trust Mackay Builders! 

Carpentry Services

Mackay Builders offers carpentry services such as rough framing, trim and door installation, built-ins, hardwood flooring, LVP installation, custom woodworking, cabinet installation, and more! We pride ourselves on our work, and we want your designs to last a lifetime.

Home Addition Construction

Are you outgrowing your home? Let Mackay Builders help you expand your home to fit your needs! We offer home addition construction services, and you can use plans from an architect or choose to use our in-house designers. A home addition is a great choice to enhance the home that you already love.

Home Renovations

Renovating your home can be a lengthy and stressful process. It doesn’t have to be with Mackay Builders! We are with you every step of the way, from the design process to building and finishing details. Home renovations are a big deal, but with us, your dream home will soon be yours.

Custom Home Building

Work with Mackay Builders to build your ultimate home! Design, plan, and select every single detail of your home’s construction, layout, and finish. Work with our in-house home designers or bring in custom plans from an architect for us to carry out.

Custom Plans

Work with Mackay Builders and our team of talented designers to create custom plans for your home renovation or new build! We work with you every step of the way to design and plan the perfect renovation or build for you and your needs.

Deck Design

Mackay Builders can design and execute your deck plans! If you want a bigger deck for hosting or a new front deck, we can help you with the design process and then bring your ideas to life.